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Bearing Sounds Radio!

A professional radio design team based in Spain, which built Internet Stations including the Overseas Iceland stores network and The Food co Tesco Overseas, have enlisted the help of Steve Martin from R&M Bearings International Ltd, to create an Internet Radio Station specifically for the bearing trade.

The purpose was to enable companies in the trade to spread their news, offers and specialities over the airways with worldwide coverage 24/7 and 365 days aligned to great music.

BearingNEWS will support the BearingSounds Radio with content and potential speakers for the bearing trade programs and podcasts.

This New medium in the Bearing Industry compliments other sources of advertising in the industry such as that is offered by BearingNEWS and can be played in the background of offices, warehouses, or at home and enables companies to create their own Advertising Packages that suits their budgets and requirements, and can even sponsor specific shows.

Packages start from only £400/€450 for a years package of advertising, with adverts changeable every month. For more information click here.

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