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Partnership between Nornickel and SKF drive continuous improvements

SKF and Nornickel Harjavalta started working together in 2010 with the overall objective to increase the reliability and productivity in Nornickel’s refinery in Harjavalta, Finland. Since 2019, the cooperation also includes a performance-based element connected to Nornickel’s relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Sami Peltonen, Key Account Manager, SKF, says: “We are happy to work with Nornickel, a world-class specialist in nickel refining. We are responsible for condition monitoring and lubrication management and to support a continuous improvement process. Together we have increased the reliability of Nornickel’s machines which has helped them to increase production volumes as well.”

The KPIs are related to Nornickel’s production output, total maintenance cost and savings from added production or avoided productions losses. In addition, cultural improvements such as safety findings as well as cleaning and other improvement activities connected to the way of working are included.

Jere Nurmi, Manager of Maintenance Contracts, Nornickel, says: “The cooperation with SKF supports our strategy. SKF share our goals, and these are guiding the activities and way of working. During the last five years we have been growing our production with several years of record output, and SKF has supported us in achieving this.”

Following a successful pilot project in 2021, Nornickel has also decided to roll out the next generation condition monitoring system, SKF Enlight ProCollect, in the rest of their plant.

Oskari Laine, Maintenance Reliability Manager, Nornickel says: “Systematic Operator Inspections are a very important part of our strategy. SKF’s implementation support and the experience from users of the new system have been very positive. Having one partner managing operator inspections, on-line and off-line condition monitoring and troubleshooting is important for us.”

Pekka Mäkelä, Contract Manager, SKF, says: “We share a long and successful history with Nornickel. Thanks to our committed delivery team and openness with Nornickel, we have been able to deliver activities that drive continuous improvements and joint learnings at Nornickel’s site.”

Contact: Carl Bjernstam +46 31-337 2517; +46 722 20 18 93

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